Secrets From The Dirt: Three Keystone Golf Swing

Secrets From The Dirt: Three Keystone Golf Swing

Autor : Neno Smoljenovic
Género : Libros, Deporte, Golf,
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Secrets From The Dirt: Three Keystone Golf Swing

Secrets from the Dirt is an instructional golf book which examines and clarifies the full swing technique by means of the three fundamental points, referred to as the three keystones. The keystones represent a number of elementary movements indispensable when fabricating a repetitive and reliable golf swing. The book is the outcome of numerous golf experiments in which Mr. Ben Hogan's and Mr. John Jacob's principles represent a starting point. Even though not all of the ideas in the book are completely new, they are all presented in an excitingly different and surprisingly innovative way. The Three Keystone Golf Swing© is a system which proves that one can build a golf swing that is highly effective, robust and repeatable, by simply learning how to control three basic elements. The three basic elements are the movement of the left hip, the hand swing path to the upper body and the position of the wrists through impact.

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